The Bandogge is an extremely intelligent dog. It is confident and very docile. Like all Mastiffs, they should have owners who are capable of staying dominant over the dogs. They are not usually recommended as good choices for first-time dog owners, because they need someone who truly understands canine instinct and how to properly communicate what it is you want from him. Although not bred as fighting dogs, if they are with a passive owner who does not know how to communicate aggression is not acceptable, they may become dog aggressive. Some people, mainly on the East Coast, still use this dog as a fighting dog. Luckily, there are more folks breeding these dogs for protection than for combat.

As a protection dog, they are as a whole, excellent. They have a great deal of drive and are very tractable. The only temperament drawback to protection work is their unwillingness to perform the "bark" portion of the "bark and hold." As they are borne of fighting extraction, most dogs from this lineage do not bark as a warning; this is typically a difficult task. The American Bandogge is a breed that loves attention and thrives on leadership. If you are not this dog’s 100% pack leader and/or if you do not provide enough mental and physical exercise it will become very upset when left alone and will be hard to control. While they are happy to receive any attention and gladly accept whatever you give them, they absolutely need an owner who displays authority over them.

They prefer to be with their owners and live to please and protect them, loving their families, and protecting their domain. Bandogges can get along with other animals if they are raised with them, including kittens, cats, and other dogs, but can be aggressive with animals they haven't been socialized with. They will protect themselves and their families in the end. Confident and very obedient, they are excellent with children. Bandogges seem to have a sense of when to be gentle. They are excellent family members as well as an intruder's worst nightmare. They are said to be "The Silent Peacekeepers." This breed may drool and slobber.


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