Stronghold Mastiffs and Bulldogs

Stronghold Mastiffs & Bulldogs came about by way of personal frustration, in that we could rarely find the "right dog" for ourselves. We are fairly picky when it comes to taking on a dog, and we wont tolerate or accept dogs that cannot perform their expected tasks.

Over the years of owning dogs (and periodically having to replace them), we grew frustrated with the offerings of most breeders. We've seen nervy German Shepherds, skittish Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes afraid of their own shadow, Rottweilers that tremble in fear, etc. All the while, the breeder is going on about, "Well, look at how many champions are in my dogs ancestry," or "how luxurious her coat is". If the dog cannot perform its expected task, it is useless to us. We don't care about its pedigree if the dog in front of us is garbage. It doesn't matter how great its ancestors were, if it itself isn't a quality unit.

Mastiffs being bred with so much extra weight and wrinkled exaggerated jowls that cant get out of their own way without overexerting themselves or Bulldogs suffering from poor breathing through constricted nostrils or overly shortened muzzles; it's ridiculous what kind of dogs are being deliberately bred to "look cool" but yet couldnt chase a bad guy out of your yard if its life depended on it.

Some of these "All Show & No Go" dogs command hefty prices too, which is even more ridiculous, as they literally cannot function as a Guardian Breed, even though that is what they are being peddled as.Stronghold dogs will not have these issues.

Our dogs are guaranteed to be free from genetic diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hip Dysplasia, Canine Multifocal Retinopathy, etc.Dogs bred by this kennel will be strong, able bodied, sound minds and hearts and willing to do their master's bidding. These dogs are instinctual property guardians with enough athleticism to complete the task without getting winded prematurely. These dogs, as with most of the Bull & Mastiff breeds, have a certain amount of aggression in their respective backgrounds, and must be trained from an early age if you hope to have a well rounded specimen as an adult. They are typically good with small children from their own family, but may react aggressively if they see their human sibling getting clobbered (even in play) from his or her friends. For this reason, we do not recommend leaving dogs and children together unsupervised.

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